Ballantyne, Indian Land and the Wal Mart Link

I know that when you read the title your head started to spin.  Stick with me for a moment.

If you travel Johnston Road just south of Ballantyne, you cross the state line into SC.  In the past, that was where the world ended.  But, all of that changed a week ago with the opening of Super Wal Mart!  Yes, massive amounts of grading, a big block building, an asphalt parking lot and Sam Walton’s vision is fulfilled with another shoppers paradise.  Groceries, tires, lotion, books, bikes and clothing can all be found at one spot. 

If you have never been to a Super Wal Mart, it is really quite the experience.  People of all types, sizes, shapes pay grades and backgrounds converge for a shopping experience.  Grab a shopping cart and enjoy.  It is not a place to pop in and out of.  You will be there for a while exploring.

So what do I mean by the link?  Previously, if you had driven down Johnston Road into SC, you had to go about a mile before you really began to see life such as retail centers, gas stations and housing.  And the further you go the more you see. Huge and successful neighborhoods such as Legacy Park and Sun City Carolina Lakes.  Corporate Parks and the beautiful campus of the Inspiration Networks can all be found just minutes from Ballantyne.

Wal Mart fills in the gap!  It is the link.  It ties Ballantyne to Lancaster County and the Highway 521 Corridor.  I think too that it is going to introduce a whole new group of people to each other.  Those who live in Ballantyne are going to venture to the Super Wal Mart and then beyond.  They are going to learn that gas is cheaper,  you will find some great restaurants and there is even a new Lowe’s hardware!  And it isn’t done growing!  Ask any commercial real estate agent and they will tell you that all the land along 521 is spoken for and the residential developers will tell you about plans for a lot of the property just off the 521 corridor.  Many of those who live in SC work in the Ballantyne Corporate Park and have previously shopped there.  But, with Harris Teeter, Aldi and others, they aren’t going to have to drive into NC as often to shop. 

How will Wal Mart impact housing?  My opinion is that it is going to open up a lot of new possibilties for people.  I don’t anticipate anything spectacular like Ballantyne Country Club, but I do see a great new opportunity for builders who specialize in providing a great house at a value price.  The retail is either in place or planned.  You have adventurers who have already begun calling SC home.  It will open up that door for others to join them.

One question?  Do you know the exact parameters of Myers Park?  Probably only a handful of people actually do.  Do you know the exact parameters of Ballantyne?  Probably more people know that due to the age or the entry monuments.  But, much like Myers Park has “expanded” through the years, Ballantyne is doing the same thing.  Our community is growing beyond its true borders and people are happy to call it home whether they are truly in Ballantyne or not.  I would add that Ballantyne just “expanded” across the state line. 

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About david huss

My name is David Huss and I live, work and play in Charlotte, NC. My day and night job is that of a Realtor. I am happily married, have two great kids and love to exercise, play golf and in general just have fun. Being the parent of two teenage boys and supporter of a hard working wife, I get lots of stress and see a lot of things that make me go nuts, crazy and at the same time appreciate that life is good as I have it. I am actively involved in lots of things going on in Charlotte as well as the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte. You'll most likely to find me at the Morrison YMCA, Ballantyne Country Club or at my office. Hopefully you will get a taste of our community through my writings.
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